Career Changes

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I am thrilled to have my most recent article published on The New England Job Show.  The article focuses on ways that you can turn a career change into a positive life transition.  I firmly believe that you should face all of life’s curveballs this way.

My most recent transition is going from full-time hours with Winning STEP™ back to free-lancing part time.  In this economy, however, I know better than anyone that you have to be flexible.  The great part of this change, however, is that I can go back to helping individuals with their individual career and college planning.  This means I am going to be offering independent college planning, career planning, resume writing and coaching services.  I’m so excited to be getting back to my teaching roots by working directly with clients again!

And, of course, I will continue to also offer freelance writing services including content writing, SEO and internet marketing.  I can’t wait to get started!


Radio Interviews Thus Far…

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I have enjoyed giving interviews on a number of radio shows.  I discovered the hard way that it’s not as simple as waiting by the phone for the call; complicated calculations involving time zones are sometimes involved.  Oh, well, there are far worse things than being ready an hour early for an interview.

For my first interview, I was pleased to be on the  Jon Leonetti Show.  I couldn’t believe how quickly the time went as I tried to share the many programs I had developed for Winning STEP™. And I was even asked to come back on the show!

For my next interview, I spoke with Tony Gambone, host of Tough Talk with Tony Gambone. You can listen to me on the podcast, beginning 34 minutes in to the show.  We discussed my background and how I became a freelance author specializing in life transitions. I also received an invitation to return to Tony’s show.

Today, Kristin Tews interviewed me on her show, Personal Best with Kristin Tews. We focused on tips for transitioning to a new career and preparing for college. She also asked for strategies to help with sending resumes via the internet and reducing test anxiety.  Luckily, I had written Guides on these topics and had some helpful ideas to share. You can hear me at WKRS. Click on podcast, go to Personal Best w/Kristin Tews and click on March 7, 2011 noon to 1 pm!

I am eagerly awaiting my next interview opportunity next week!

Ms. Career Girl Guest Blog!

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I am proud of my first Guest Blog. I was able to share what I have learned about Academic, Emotional and Logistical Readiness – three central components of both career and life success – at Ms. Career Girl. Not only have the last three years of intense research benefited me personally, but professionally. I love being considered an “expert!”

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